Step 1

Register a Vehicle Hire Insurance Claim

Please complete the fields below (Note: * denotes a mandatory field), select the Claim Forms you require and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

If you include an email address and tick the box next to each claim form you require, the forms will be emailed to you immediately.

Please check your spam/junk folders and add us ( to your contact list.

All dates should be entered in the "dd/mm/yyyy" format. You can enter the date manually, select from the drop-down calendar or use a combination of these methods.

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Step 2

Claim Form Selection

Place a checkmark next to the Claim Forms you need and, if you have entered a valid email address above, we will email the Claim Forms to you for completion.

Please refer to the claim form which lists the document we generally need, but this is not an exhaustive list and we may need to ask for additional evidence.

If your claim is agreed, we need to see the exact sterling amount that has been debited to be fair to you.

This is required to ensure that you are legally allowed to drive a vehicle and that this matches the name on the insurance policy and car rental agreement.

When you collected and returned the car you would have signed an “inspection report” which states any existing or new damage, if you have signed the returned report agreeing that new damage took place then you have accepted this. If you did not agree nor sign this report you should contact the rental company to explain this.

If there is no evidence that any damage took place whilst the vehicle was under your control, we would not be able to settle your claim.

If more than one policy exists, there are established procedures for the claim to be shared between the companies concerned.

All data we hold is held and secured in accordance with the data protection act.

As we act on behalf of the insurance company named on your policy, we provide them and associated companies with certain details for underwriting purposes.

We also share claims information for the prevention of fraud and all claims are checked against the HM government Financial Sanctions and terrorist funding database.

Step 3

Submit Claim Registration


Unfortunately some people attempt to make claims that are either exaggerated or completely fraudulent.

We have robust systems and procedures in place to prevent those claims being paid and report any such claims to the authorities, as well as sharing information with partners and colleagues across the insurance industry.